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Treadmill Thunder TS-520DS

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MODEL                         TS-520DS

TYPE                             electric

MEASUREMENT          training duration, distance, speed, heart rate, calories                                              burned, fat

ADDITIONAL FEATURES   loudspeakers, quick access keys, safety key,                                                          transport wheels, place for a water bottle, place for a                                              phone / tablet, foldable, telemetry belt, touch sensors,                                               headphone input, USB input, display

MARK                                  Thunder


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Estimated Delivery Date 08/11/2021
Enjoy great condition and your dream figure without leaving your home!

Enjoy great condition and your dream figure without leaving your home!

The THUNDER TS-520DS treadmill is an excellent alternative to running outdoors when the weather is bad. AUTOMATIC ADJUSTMENT OF THE TILT ANGLE

Thanks to it, you will save time and money that you would lose on entering clubs or at the gym.

Training on a treadmill will strengthen your muscles, improve the overall efficiency of the body, burn unnecessary fat and allow you to get the perfect figure without leaving your home.

Run and enjoy the music or your favorite audiobook thanks to the built-in speakers and AUX, allowing you to connect your phone to the device.

The engine with the most modern design makes the device very quiet. The technologies used in 2021 ensure greater device performance than its predecessors.

In addition, in this year’s model, an anti-skid, 3-ply running belt has been used, which is characterized by a lower degree of abrasion and higher material density.

Thunder TS-520DS treadmill Included:

Thunder electric treadmill Massager

2×1 kg dumbbells

Sit-up handle

2 Heart rate touch sensors

Cable set

Oil for the maintenance of the running belt

Magnetic safety key

Screws and mounting keys


Good to know: Running is a sport that can strain joints and bones with higher intensity. That is why we sell a central spring cushioning system that prevents stress on the skeletal system. Central spring shock absorption system Running area (belt): 51 cm x 142 cm (width x length) automatic lubrication system for the running belt

Adjust your training to your abilities and gradually increase the intensity!

The treadmill has a speed adjustment from 1 km / h to 20 km / h and the ability to automatically adjust the inclination angle 0-15% – auto lift which allows you to adjust the training intensity to the user, so that the treadmill can be used by all household members.

The THUNDER treadmill is a great gift idea. Make your loved ones happy!

When folded, the treadmill we sell takes only one square meter! You can fold it with one button thanks to the unique lifting system on the gas lift.


Dimensions of the unfolded treadmill:

width: 84 cm length: 193 cm height: 150 cm

Folded treadmill dimensions:

width: 84 cm length: 120 cm height: 153 cm


TS-520DS model specifications

Device specifications

Speed: 1 km / h – 20 km / h

Automatic adjustment of the angle change of the treadmill: 0% – 15%

Motor power: 3 HP (constant) / 6 HP (maximum)

wide non-slip walking belt: 51 cm x 142 cm

Machine weight: 123 kg

Maximum user weight 160 kg

Purpose: for home use automatic lubrication system for the running belt central spring shock absorption system

Additional Features Pulse measurement – touch sensors USB / AUX / SD / MP3 input Loudspeaker

Possibility to connect headphones

Magnetic safety key

Possibility to raise the treadmill to vertical: yes (telescopic gas cylinder)

LCD touch screen

Transport wheels

Telescopic system for unfolding / folding the treadmill (gas cylinder)

certificates: CE, RoHS

Speed change in the handles or from the main panel!

The set includes oil for the maintenance of the running belt!

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Weight 150 kg
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