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Bench with Barbell Racks

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Bench with Barbell Racks

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Estimated Delivery Date 13/09/2023
Parameter Value
Dimensions maximum 175 cm x 163 cm x 124 cm (length x height x width)
Minimum dimensions 155 cm x 91 cm x 106 cm (length x height x width)d
Parameter Value
Dimensions maximum 175 cm x 163 cm x 124 cm
(length x height x width)
Minimum dimensions 155 cm x 91 cm x 106 cm
(length x height x width)d
Weight 35 kg
Tested durability 500 kg
Steel 50x50x2 mm
Width of the backrest 28 cm
Length of the backrest 81 cm
Seat Length 31 cm
Foam thickness 3 cm
Base width 122 cm
Base length 175 cm
Seat height 48 cm
Adjusting the length of the bench od 155 cm – 175 cm (4 levels)
Adjust the backrest continuously adjustable backrest by a beam, the possibility of setting the standard in 5 steps (0°,20°,40°,60°,85°)
Seat adjustment in 7 steps
Adjusting spacing stands 106 cm – 124 cm (4 levels)
Adjust the hanging rack 91 cm-163 cm (8 degrees) at intervals of 8,5 cm
act Adventage
Construction in profile 50cmx50cmx2cm it stands 500 poundsload. Extra beam will reinforcement the backrest. Strong qualitative splices will withstand many years of use Thanks for this you can feel safer during your hardcore training.
Hudge basis of branch. Will give you stability and comfort during exercises.
4-steps regulation every kind of width racks. You can exercise with every kind of Barbell (from 180cm to 213 cm)
8-steps regulation of high racks You can regulate hight of racks special for your traning
4-way adjustable length bench. Expected effects of exercise you get only a hardware perfectly matched and the set under your needs.
Infinitely adjustable backrest. You will be able to attack the pecs muscles from different angles. You choose the appropriate setting. This way, you’ll do even better muscle definition.
7-level adjustable seat tilt. Thanks to the well-setting seat, your position during training will be stable.
8 hooks belay. You will be able to safely squeeze MEGA WEIGHTS, at any time you can put down the barbell hooks buoyancy. The end of the transfer her chest.
Racks tightened thick with a diameter of 60 mm knobs. Knobs of our production guarantee you stability contributions racks and quickly change their settings. You will not find in any other bench, so powerful and tailored to the hand knobs.
Rubber coated hooks racks. With the bar will not slip on hooks racks. They provide a quiet training, which is often important when exercising in home conditions.
Long beam to lock the backrest with protection. It will give you 100% security, thanks to her quickly change the setting back.
Setting the bench at 85° It will give you the opportunity to practice on the shoulders and diversify your workout.
Profile 50x50x2 mm, in which you can mount accessories. With it you can do with this machine on the bench legs or bench Scott. Just buy: the station on foot HZ3, HZ14, or prayer HZ6, HZ5, HZ1.
3 cm thick double-sewn upholstery. Professional, hard seats respectively, will provide you with the comfort and convenience of exercise.
Shaped end of the upholstery. During extrusion sitting, barbells on the triceps, contoured end of the upholstery gives you freedom of movement, so that you can properly do the exercises, which will bring the desired results.
Rubber caps and plugs. We care about your safety during training and aesthetic finishing equipment. Every detail of your bench is important to us.
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Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 175 × 163 × 124 cm
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